Sam Black, Psychic-Medium 

I have worked in the Psychic Industry for over 20 years as a Psychic Medium and Psychic Manager, and have tested 1000’s of Psychic Mediums.  It is very rare that I come across an Evidential Reader like Samantha is... she is one of the most accurate honest Advisors I have ever had the privilege of working with... information she picks up will make your jaw drop she is the real real deal.. I am very honored and humbled to know and work with Samantha, A very rare Gem in the Psychic Industry!

~ Joanna Bakker


Offering authentic services with your highest good in mind... 

Sam Black, you gave me a reading, based on my palm, that so accurately focused on aspects of me most people do not see or are aware of, that it knocked my socks off. You used your abilities to see the real me. Your reading gives me joy and hope, as it reminds me of my capabilities, inner desires, and potential. I would recommend you in a second to anyone searching for affirmation, confirmation, and inspiration. Thank you!

​~ Debbie

"Grounded Roots gave me the opportunity to be in touch with my Grandparents, who I spent most of my childhood with.  I lost my Grandfather when I was 7 and my Grandmother when I was 18.  My Grandmother was one of those driving forces and Grounded Roots let me know that she is still there pushing me to be the best me I can be.  Samantha reminded me of all of the funny truths about them, without even asking anything.  We weren't even in the same town when this happened.  Grounded Roots has restored my faith in the other side of life."
~ Jennifer

"Samantha is amazing!  So much so that I went in a skeptic and came out amazed!  I couldn't believe the stuff she was saying to me.  I would recommend her to anyone!"

​~ Sara L.

Sam is Executive Director of Grounded Roots Wellness, and is the host of Grounded Roots with Sam Black on Blog Talk Radio.  Sam offers psychic-mediumship, life coaching and spiritual and energy healing, and promotes healing as happening on three levels - Physically, Emotionally and Cognitively. Starting from a young age, Sam had a passion for helping others and an ability for healing and Tarot readings. As she grew she incorporated this healing energy and strong intuition into her career as an educator and social worker.  Sam is a Master Coach and trainer with the Certified Coaches Federation and has studied with world renowned spiritual teachers like Lisa Williams, Deborah King, Doreen Virtue, Tony Stockwell, Brian Weiss and more, Sam brings an eclectic variety to her readings to bring clients individualized sessions tailored to their needs.  Sam offers psychic, mediumship and past life regression readings with healing messages, one on one and group coaching and feels so grateful to have this opportunity to share with others ♥

"Sam is truly one of a kind!  She is a very intuitive, kind hearted and loveable spirit that makes you feel comfortable the second you meet her.  Her readings are very accurate and explained extremely well if you don't understand something.  She has an amazing gift that definetly needs to be shared with the whole world."

​~ Samantha A.

"Samantha is a heart-centered and extremely gifted psychic-medium. She provided tremendous clarity and guidance on my journey. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy intuitive guide to help remove blocks and create flow and harmony."

~ Celia Ward-Wallace

"Having a reading done was something on my bucket list.  Now that Sam has blown me away with her abilities I will Definately be going back to see her.  Feeling at peace with past decisions and looking forward to opportunities in the future."

~ Laura J.